Forgotten Traditions of Ancient Chinese Medicine. The I-hsüeh yüan liu lun of 1757 by Hsü Ta-ch'un (1693-1771). 

translated and annotated by Paul U. Unschuld.

Hsü Ta-ch'un was an outstanding Chinese intellectual, physician-scholar and medical writer of the mideighteenth century. In his work we encounter him as a highly educated representative - one to date virtually unknown in the West - not only of traditional Chinese medicine but also of the upper echelons of Chinese society.

Translated and edited into a Western language for the first time, and published with the original Chinese text, Hsü's one hundred short essays are without known parallel in the history of Chinese medicine. The text offers a unique opportunity not only to appreciate the ideas of a famous Chinese physician-scholar, but also to compare current Western ideas of Chinese medicine with the views of one of its most eminent thinkers. Today, more than two centuries later, Hsü Ta-ch'un's comments are as timely as they are lucid and inspired.